Rustique Acres welcomes photographers and their clients as well as Mom-tographers!

Photographers can purchase an annual permit.

Mom-tographers can purchase an annual permit or a day pass.


Permit Details...

Annual pass for Photographers valid from Jan 1st– Dec 31st.

$150 annual fee; unlimited use on non-blackout dates.

Use of Bridal Suite and property.

Must have permit while on-site.

Furniture and additional props available for rent.

Must sign up on the on-line calendar in advance.

You will be added to a private Facebook Page for photographers with permits.

*Reminder: Rustique Acres is a working farm and there are variations in the field height and conditions, as well as the presence and location of equipment and hay stacks.


Q: What if I don’t want an annual pass and only want to shoot 1 time or my client wants the shoot?

A: You or your client can purchase a single use permit for $100.

Q: Will other photographers be shooting at the same time?

A: Yes, it is possible that other photographers could be shooting the same time as you unless you have blacked out a date ahead of time.

Q: What is a black out date and how do I black a date out?

A: No photography sessions occur on blacked out dates.  The date is either reserved for a wedding, other Rustique Acres event, or a photographer has prescheduled to have the venue exclusively for their use that day. You can reserve an entire day for your personal photography use for $500.

Q: How do I book a session and how far in advance does the session need to be booked?

A: Go to and reserve your date on the calendar.  There is no deadline as to how far in advance, only require that you pre-book.

Q: How do I go about renting furniture, props, and decor?

A: Contact Amber at Rustique Rentals at or 623.764.0333.  She will get it all set up for you.